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Tilly & Family is a familyowned business based in the West Country, producing highquality, dog care products 

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At Tilly & Family, we don’t just believe that your dog should be clean and smelling fresh, we believe that they should enjoy bath time and the all natural benefits our shampoo bars bring. 

Just 5 natural Ingredients

We are committed to using only five healthy, natural ingredients

Luxury and affordable

No need to spend a fortune on a luxurious shampoo

Removes fox poo smell

Gentle Solutions for a Natural Fragrance Makeover

Loved by pets and owners

Enjoy time bonding with your canine friend

No need to spend a fortune on a luxurious shampoo

There’s truly no requirement to break the bank when it comes to indulging your dogs in a lavish bathing experience. Our belief at Tilly and Family is that premium pet care should be accessible and affordable.

Our meticulously crafted products, including the revolutionary Dog Shampoo Bars, deliver a spa-like treatment without the extravagant price tag. 

Your dog deserves the best, and with Tilly and Family, luxury meets affordability for a grooming experience that both you and your pet will cherish. 

Gentle Solutions for an All Natural Fragrance Makeover

One challenge our fellow dog owners understand all too well is the unavoidable encounter with fox, Badger and other animal poo.

Dogs, being the playful explorers they are, often find themselves rolling in the smelliest of things, and fox poo is no exception. Recognising this common occurrence, we’ve developed a natural formula using activated charcoal at Tilly and Family specifically designed to address this specific challenge. 

Our meticulously crafted formula is adept at not only removing but completely eliminating the pungent odour and toxins of fox and other animal poo. 


We are committed to using only five healthy, all natural ingredients

We understand the importance of a gentle yet effective solution, ensuring that your dog emerges from their outdoor adventures smelling fresh and clean, without compromising their well-being 

What sets us apart is our commitment to achieving this without resorting to harsh chemicals and many, many ingredients, like many traditional liquid shampoos. At Tilly and Family, we’ve made sure that banishing unpleasant odours and toxins is our main goal! 

Enjoy time bonding with your loyal dog

We firmly believe that bath time should never be a mundane chore but rather a special bonding moment between you and your beloved pet. Our ethos revolves around transforming bath time into an enjoyable and educational experience for both your dog and the whole family! 

Our unique recipe and accompanying grooming glove are designed for your dogs comfort while being bathed, patch washes with the glove we also highly recommend if your dog finds water or being bathed stressful, simply use a bowl of warm water, the glove and shampoo bar to get your doggies fur clean and fresh! 

Health, Happiness and Hygiene in one bar

Our meticulously crafted shampoos go beyond mere cleansing; they embrace a holistic approach that considers the health and happiness of both pets and their owners.  

Tilly and Family’s commitment to excellence ensures that every bath becomes a joyful occasion, fostering a strong and positive bond between you and your cherished pet. 

About Tilly & Family

We are a family owned business, based in the West country, proud to produce great, natural products that are healthy for our pets 

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