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We are big enough to handle it, small enough to care!

Why Tilly & Family?

Handmade in the UK

Luxurious, affordable and natural dog care products that are handmade with love in the UK's Magical West Country, a perfect place for dog walks.

Sustainably produced

We prioritise dogs' well-being & environmental protection by sourcing eco-friendly ingredients and striving for plastic-free packaging.

Made by pet owners, for pet owners

Tilly and Family began with a love for dogs, offering products and insights to foster the bond, love and responsibility of pet ownership.

Created with pet
wellbeing in mind

Tilly and Family’s commitment to well-being extends from creating chemical-free, natural shampoo bars for dogs to general doggy care including those with sensitive skin.

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Shops, Gifts, Eco Friendly Stores, and Garden Centres

Pet Health Care Providers

Hydro, Physio & Vets


Dog Friendly Restaurants, Pubs, Hotels, B&Bs, and Holiday Parks

Promotional Gifts

Bespoke travel size shampoo bars for gifts like wedding favours


Natural dog shampoo bars are the superior, more affordable way of washing dogs. Long lasting, kind to their skin, easy to use, no wastage and will save you time and money!

Plus more!

Other businesses are all welcome! Please feel free to contract us to discuss your unique requirements

Wholesale orders are Welcome for the Following:

Tilly & Family’s dog shampoos are perfect for wholesalers working with large retailers, independent pet shops, eco shops and groomers, seeking professional-grade, natural and affordable formulas. 
Vets appreciate our gentle ingredients. While hotels and bnb’s use our products to maintain pet-friendly spaces, making them ideal for promotional gifts and also wedding favours for dog loving families.

Don't be the last to stock Tilly's revolutionary dog shampoo!

Reach out to our friendly team and we’ll gladly help

Tilly can supply Regionally, Nationally and Internationally!

Tilly & Family offers flexible distribution to meet the demands of businesses operating on regional, national, and international levels. Whether you’re a small local retailer, a nationwide chain, or an international wholesaler, our dog shampoos are designed to be accessible and reliable across all distances.

We ensure that our products maintain consistent quality and meet the needs of a diverse clientele, from groomers and independent pet shops to vets, pubs, restaurants, and eco-friendly shops. Our versatile supply chain ensures timely deliveries and seamless integration into various business models, making us a trusted partner for your grooming product needs, no matter where you’re located.

Order 6 to 6000!

Tilly & Family’s dog shampoos cater to businesses of all sizes, from small boutiques to large wholesalers, offering flexible ordering options to suit any need. Our approach ensures that retailers, groomers, and independent pet shops can stock the right amount of product, while still providing the same high-quality formulas that professionals and pet owners expect.

Whether you’re running a small independent store or managing a large distribution network, our shampoos are designed to fit seamlessly into your inventory. Veterinarians appreciate the gentle ingredients, while pubs and restaurants use our products to maintain pet-friendly spaces. Eco-friendly shops value our commitment to sustainability, making our dog shampoos an ideal choice for promotional gifts and wedding favours.

Don't be the last to stock Tilly's revolutionary dog shampoo!

Reach out to our friendly team and we’ll gladly help

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