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What is a dog shampoo bar?

We all try to be more responsible these days when it comes to purchasing more natural, eco-friendly products, washing tablets, beauty products and even toilet roll! Why not extend these conscious decisions to pet products too?

Many dog owners we talk to are seeking gentler alternatives to traditional dog shampoo products, which often contain lists of chemicals, causing their dogs skin to become itchy and uncomfortable. Enter the natural dog shampoo bar- a game-changer in the world of dog shampoo’s.

With all natural ingredients shampoo bars offer a sustainable, effective and easy way to keep your dog clean and healthy, plus the added bonus that there is no waste making them much more cost effective than traditional liquid shampoo.

Benefits of a dog shampoo bar

Now that you know a bit more about dog shampoo bars, lets look at the benefits of choosing to buy natural:

  1. Gentle – All natural ingredients in dog shampoo bars are kind to dogs skin, because no chemicals are used it makes them suitable for all dogs, even those with sensitive skin or allergies. Ingredients like coconut oil provide moisture and nourishment and Tilly and Family’s magic ingredient Activated charcoal is a natural cleanser brilliant at eliminating nasty smells like fox poo, leaving your dogs coat soft and shiny.
  2. Eco- friendly – Unlike most liquid shampoos packaged in plastic bottles, shampoo bars usually come in plastic free, re-usable packaging making them a more sustainable choice for eco-conscious pet owners.
  3. Handy size – The compact size and solid form of a shampoo bar makes it perfect for travel, say goodbye to bulky bottles.
  4. Long-lasting – with a shampoo bar a little really does go a long way, you’ll get a lot more washed with a single bar compared to a bottle of liquid shampoo, this of course will save you money as well as reducing waste.
  5. Healthy and beneficial scents– With carefully chosen dog friendly essential oils shampoo bars smell incredible, soothing scents will be enjoyed by dogs and their owners alike!
  6. Patch washes – Thanks to the bars being easy and efficient they are ideal for patch washing between groomer visits or if your pup comes home with muddy paws after a walk.

Making the switch to natural dog shampoo bars is simple but it is impactful, with just five natural ingredients, Tilly and Family’s shampoo bars offer a safe, eco friendly alternative that really offer your loyal friends a luxurious yet affordable bath time experience, their skin and coats will thank you for it!

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