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How do I treat a dog’s sensitive skin?

Dogs can suffer with sensitive skin just like humans. Sensitive skin can cause real discomfort and irritation for our fury friends, this can come in the form of dryness, itching, flakiness or redness and can really impact a dog’s quality of life. In this blog we will look at effective ways to relieve the symptoms of your dog’s sensitive skin and focus on the benefits of using natural products.

How to identify your dog’s sensitive skin

A variety of factors can cause or contribute to your dog’s sensitive skin, allergies, genetics, pollution, diet, environmental irritants or underlaying health conditions. We’ve all seen a dog scratching away and probably though fleas are the problem when in fact it could be several issues, common signs of sensitive skin included itching, scratching, licking, redness, dry patches and inflammation. It is important to identify the reason behind your dog’s sensitive skin so that you can manage the condition.

How do I relieve my dog’s sensitive skin?

  • Speak to your Vet: Of course, we don’t want our dogs to suffer with sensitive skin so it is important to talk to your vet if you think your dog has a problem, they can investigate the skin issue and advise an appropriate treatment plan, including any dietary changes while ruling out anything underlying.
  • Avoid Harsh ingredients: Some grooming products contain harsh chemicals, dyes and artificial additives, be mindful when buying these products as these ingredients can strip the skin of its natural oil and cause further irritation, never use human shampoo’s or washing up liquid, dog’s PH levels our different to ours and these products will cause harm. Remember, if you wouldn’t use it on your own skin, it’s probably not good for your sensitive dog either!
  • Use a natural shampoo bar: All natural shampoo bars are great for all dogs, including those with sensitive skin, unlike traditional liquid shampoos, the ingredients used in shampoo bars are gentle and natural and will cleanse, nourish and soothe. Tilly and family only use all natural ingredients, they not only clean your dog and make them smell fresh but the ingredients used can help protect and heal.

How can a natural shampoo bar relieve your dog’s sensitive skin?

Natural shampoo bars are formulated with mild, soothing ingredients such as coconut oil and essential oils. These ingredients have properties that help to cleanse the skin, soothe, prevent irritation and maintain moisture. Essential oils like lavender are safe to use for dogs and contain healing properties too.

Because natural shampoo bars are free from harsh chemicals, unlike liquid shampoo’s, they can reduce the risk of adverse reactions, making them suitable for all dogs, with all different fur types and skin sensitivities.

With regular grooming using all natural shampoo bars, your dog can enjoy a happy, healthy life free from skin issues, irritation and discomfort.

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