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Discover the Power of Natural Nose and Paw Balm

Just like us humans our dogs can experience the discomfort of dryness, particular areas that suffer are their noses and paw pads, we need to be mindful of this as our loyal companions can’t tell us when this is affecting them! That’s where the power of nose and paw balm comes in, this magic balm will prevent and heal, this blog will explore how nose and paw balm can benefit your beloved pet.

What is a dog shampoo bar?

We all try to be more responsible these days when it comes to purchasing more natural, eco-friendly products, washing tablets, beauty products and even toilet roll! Why not extend these conscious decisions to pet products too?

Many dog owners we talk to are seeking gentler alternatives to traditional dog shampoo products, which often contain lists of chemicals, causing their dogs skin to become itchy and uncomfortable. Enter the natural dog shampoo bar- a game-changer in the world of dog shampoo’s.

With all natural ingredients shampoo bars offer a sustainable, effective and easy way to keep your dog clean and healthy, plus the added bonus that there is no waste making them much more cost effective than traditional liquid shampoo.

How do I treat a dog’s sensitive skin?

Dogs can suffer with sensitive skin just like humans. Sensitive skin can cause real discomfort and irritation for our fury friends, this can come in the form of dryness, itching, flakiness or redness and can really impact a dog’s quality of life. In this blog we will look at effective ways to relieve the symptoms of your dog’s sensitive skin and focus on the benefits of using natural products.

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